Which course should I study?

The answer is: you should study whatever you want to study.


Do extensive research on courses and their outcomes. (Info related to the courses is available on the course page of respective unis)


However, from visa POV most visa case officers expect you to study a relevant course in-line with your previous education.


Because it is a bit too far-fetched for the visa case officer to believe that a mechanical engineer somehow genuinely intends to study a degree in nursing (if you know, you know)

Which courses will guarantee a job upon graduation?

Almost all abroad courses lead to employment sooner or later as most unis have an employment rate of upwards of 90%. (Also contrary to what other’s might say, it is certainly the case that the better the uni, the better chances there are to be employed upon graduation)


However, to get a job quickly one must upskill themselves in line with the region’s strongest markets (E.g: Being a software professional in Silicon Valley can get you employed quickly than being a chemical engineer)

Are there any courses that lead PR in Australia & Canada?

There are obviously some popular courses that work as pathways to PR in Australia and Canada.

However, one should understand that the migration trend and requirements keep changing every year. 

Therefore, one must put their field of interest in choosing a course before just studying because it is a PR pathway course.

Moreover, the skilled occupation lists of both Australia and Canada have a range of occupations anyway. Therefore, study something that upskills you and adds value to your career.

I am not able to figure out what to study, who can help?

If you are still confused as to what to study, we can help by pointing you to the right sources of information upon receiving your application.


Also, we conduct regular webinars and seminars where the representatives of unis join us live to answer all of your questions related to courses, scholarships, study experience and outcomes, and admissions etc


Contact us to discuss your scenario for tailored advice.

Can I switch courses if I don't like them of if there's a change of mind?

Changing a course within a university is upon the discretion of the university and the course availability.

However, it’s certainly a good idea to figure out which course fits your future and career goals well in advance of applying to a uni. 

Therefore, Please do enough research in deciding which course you want to study and why, as that is what you also need to justify to the visa case officer in order to get a visa.

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